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“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”// Robert Baden-Powell

The way digital communication presents itself is decisive for the success of your company in the market and is indispensable for the growth and commercial representativeness. Understanding this scenario, FeAndriolo develops adequate and customized projects for the needs of each client and provides a team of professionals selected by hand. Today the agency develops projects for Brand, Web, Social Media, Advertising and Editorial Pieces and each part of a great process is developed in its totality.

Felipe Batista Andriolo, creator of the agency, is Graphic Designer graduated from the SENAC University Center. Currently, he also works as Communications Director in one of the most renowned automotive and photo production companies in the state of São Paulo. With his talent and experience, Jobs's first proposals soon came and, surrounded by talented and competent people, he faced the challenge of setting up his own agency.

FeAndriolo is on hand to assist in the recognition of your business and considers four key concepts for effective communication.

  • Always keep abreast with the latest in the market to get a proper view of what needs to be communicated. The solution for each goal and situation is the result of reflection focused on the client's goals.

  • As part of each process, FeAndriolo does an extensive research to know the market of each client's performance. Having goals together is the focal point for successful efforts and partnership.

  • Respect for everyday situations, ethics and transparency, fundamental concepts for building a lasting relationship.

  • Professionals attentive to every detail of the process, from the preparation of the planning, to the presentation or the finalization.

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“When it gets difficult is often right before you succeed.”// Chris Garrett

In order to serve small and medium-sized enterprises, which seek to improve their communication,
we are able to perform various services. Click on the area and see everything we do!

  • /web

    • Wordpress platforms installations
    • Development of Custom Systems
    • CRM Development and Management Systems
    • Custom store development
    • Development of content portals
    • Blog development
    • Static web-sites
    • Dynamic Websites
    • Hotsites
    • Domain register
    • Web Hosting
    • Creating corporate emails
  • /brand

    • Brand Creation
    • Logo creation
    • Identity Manual Development
    • Creation of portfolios
    • Folders and Flyers Creation
    • Corporate brand and services
    • Consumer Branding
    • Digital Brand Experience
    • Brand Innovation
    • Endomarketing
    • Communication plans
    • Among other necessities!
  • /editorial

    • Advertising Pieces
    • Creating Banners
    • POS communication development
    • Creating Stationery
    • Creating Folders and Flyers
    • Creating Packaging
    • Signing Projects
    • Facade Creation
    • Events and Trade Shows
    • Print ads
    • Magazines and Catalogs
    • Among other needs!
  • /movies

    • Pre-Production
    • Production and Capture
    • Post-Production
    • Editing
    • Color Handling
    • Motion Design
    • Visual identity
    • Web-series
    • Institutional Videos
    • Promotional Videos
    • Instragam campaigns
    • Social Networking Campaigns
  • /youtube

    • YouTube visual identity
    • Comment Interaction
    • Managing videos
    • Youtubers Advisory
    • Video Editing
    • Channel Prospecting

outsource your marketing department

With the necessary infrastructure, qualified professionals and market expertise, FeAndriolo is the solution for small and medium-sized companies to outsource their marketing area and make the communication of their business effective and competitive.

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